2012 was amazing for projects featured on element14. We highlighted three projects that stood out to us. QiPi, which harnesses the power of the Pi with batteries, was voted the winner by element14 Community members.

Chad Johnson (username johnsocm) harkens from Watertown, SD. We applaud Chad for demonstrating ingenuity and cutting-edge creativity. Chad’s enthusiastic record of the steps he took to produce a working model of the battery powered QiPi took element14 members on a journey that many of our members have obviously enjoyed. Chad uses tools already on hand to build a project that makes electronics  fun. Pi fans who have yet to follow Chad’s project should take a trip down experimentation lane with him. The destination they reach will most certainly blow their minds.


Chad is an Electrical Engineer; in his own words, he is "tinkering with tons of things at the moment" and already has great ideas for this product" He maintains several blogs and considers himself to be a CadSoft Eagle Enthusiast. He loves to spend his spare time creating new inventions.