The electronics industry is the epitome of change. What is considered revolutionary one year is commonplace the next. The Technology of Year is one that our members deem as having the legs for longterm commercial success.

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With today’s portable devices demanding an increasing amount of power, and higher-power batteries requiring more advanced control systems, engineers must now consider a number of safety risks in new and existing designs. Qi-compliant contactless charging, not only meets Wireless Power Consortium specifications, it is an option for any device that is powered by a USB or 5V/19V DC adapters.


It’s often said that a technological development will bring about immense change in our lives; in the case of Wireless Power, we are beginning to see this transformation take place. By liberating electronics engineering from the concerns of being tethered to a power supply, a new world of opportunities is being opened up. Cadsoft, Texas Instruments, Würth Elektronik and element14 have all come together to inform, educate and hopefully inspire you to make the most of this technology.