We've had some amazing highlights and exceptional member contributions on the element14 Community this year! This year we opened the polling up to the element14 Community members in four categories; Project of the Year, Technology of the Year, Product of the year, and Member of the Year, and the results are in!  We want to take the time to say thank you for all of those who voted in this years awards and for everyone who has contributed to the element14 Community. This year's winners are...


Product of the Year


With so many products launched in 2013 it may be hard to select just one standout, but which made the biggest impact in the minds of our members?


The nominees were...


and the winner is...


Cypress PSoC4 Pioneer Kit! pioneerkit.gif

The PSoC4 represents a smarter phase of embedded technology and life! The PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit is an easy-to-use and inexpensive development platform enabling you to create unique designs with the flexibility of PSoC 4. Featuring a member of the PSoC 4200 family, this kit gives you the power of an ARM Cortex-M0 combined with the fully customizable analog and digital fabric of the PSoC in the palm of your hands.


Find out more about the PSoC4 Pioneer kit, including our Smarter Life Challenge, going on now by clicking here.

Also check out 100 Projects in 100 days featuring the PSoC4 Pioneer Kit!


Project of the Year

In 2013 there were so many amazing projects shared on element14 Community!  We asked what projects stood out to you the most.


The nominees were :


and the winner is...



PiCamera in Space !


Check out Cabe's blog here about Raspberry Pi's journey into near space!


Technology of the Year


This category recognizes an outstanding technology in the year 2013.


The nominees were:



and the winners are...


3Dbg_rght.gif bbblack.gif

Single Board Computers and 3D Printing!


That's right, it's a tie between two technologies that have been featured in numerous element14 Community posts, blogs and that even have their own dedicated area on the Community. Check out what is new in our Single Board Computer and 3D Printing spaces.


Community Member of the Year


To qualify for the Member of the Year Award an individual must make significant contributions to the element14 Community.  From submitting complex projects in competitions, offering expert advice to other members or offering insightful suggestions for improving the Community.  The Member of the Year is someone who makes a difference at element14 Community. We want to take the time to thank all  of the members of the element14 Community for their contributions.



This year's list of nominees include previous members of the month and even some write ins from the comments section of the poll.

Shabaz, mconnors, Interested1, ntewinke, selsinork, vsluiter, cookieglitch, kuya.marc, mcb1 and DAB


and the winner is...

shabaz (1).png



Shabaz has been an active and insightful member of the element14 Community in both creating compelling content and lending a helpful hand to members all over the Community. Be sure to check out his profile, or follow him in your activity stream to see what he is up to.



Thanks again for participating in the 2013 element14 Community Awards!