This month we’d like you to meet element14 community’s Member of the Month for February: clem57




element14: How did you first come to the element14 community?

Clem57:  I was browsing the internet and element14 came up in the search results. I really enjoyed the tone of the Community. It was laid back and informative.  I came upon something called “RoadTest” and I thought, what is that? I looked into it further and the Freescale Freedom board caught my attention. I applied and got accepted.


element14: How did you approach the RoadTest application?

Clem57:  I just thought, would I like this product and what would I do with it? Most importantly I thought about how could I have some fun, because if it’s not fun, what is the point? You are always going to put out your best when you like what you are doing.


element14: How did you get interested in electronics?

Clem57: I got involved in electronics at an early age. My Dad worked as an electronics technician and would bring home things that piqued my curiosity. The best was a voltage ladder like in Frankenstein movies.


element14: Walk me through your career in the industry?

Clem57:  I started my career in computer software working on the operating systems. Each move gave me more responsibility and I enjoyed many learning experiences. As I went through, I always tried to stay close to the hardware. The last position was working with AIX machines (IBM linux) emulating virtual tape drives.


element14: I notice that you participate all over the community, walk me through your routine on the community (particular space, groups or people you may follow).

Clem57: I try to see what is happening in my Inbox. From there I check for new blogs and/or discussions. I have such a varied background; I easily enjoy the many topics present in the community.


element14: I really liked your Networking 101 blog, why did you pick that topic to blog about?

Clem57: I was helping many folks with Raspberry Pi 2 and seeing a few that did not have a way of connecting to HDMI/component TV. I thought why not help them use a PC and build a private network to separate from their home router.


element14: Any ideas for projects or blogs forthcoming?

Clem57: I am going to publish another Raspberry Pi 2 blog to track airplanes in the sky. In the longer term, I would like to publish a few blogs on the Enigma since seeing the movie The Imitation Game.


element14: What advice would you give to someone just getting started out on the community?

Clem57: For someone new, start off looking in one group that you have interest in. Helping others in that area will help you see what interest people may have. Find one project that you would have fun doing and give it a whirl. Remember there are many others willing to help. So just ask!


Thank you element 14 for the honor of being MoM. I just love the experience and community involvement.