element14 Community Awards

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Where did 2015 go? It's hard to believe we're deep into November already. Wasn't it only just the beginning of Spring, with the weeds first sprouting in the pavement cracks? Yikes.

Well, we're here to make you feel better about the rapidly evaporating year, as November means it's time for the element14 Community Awards!

The categories are the same as last year, with the addition of Future Technology Predictions, in which we've asked our nominators which pieces of tech they think will light up in 2016. Feel free to add your own thoughts for the different categories in the comments below, and then head back next Monday (after carefully considering your options over the weekend) to cast your votes.

The polls open on November 16, and close on December 4, with the winners being announced the following week.

Remember! Your vote counts, so don't let it go to waste! Voting in all seven polls earns you the brand new Voting Badge, and could score some fantastic prizes.

Technology of the Year

The nominees for the 2015 element14 Community Technology of the Year category represent the eclectic nature of the content, discussions and products featured on the element14 Community. The following have been nominated this year, and you can cast your vote here:

Internet of ThingsFPGAWireless PowerWearable Tech

Product of the Year

The nominees for this year’s Product of the Year combine all elements of taking a project from an idea to prototype and beyond. Let’s celebrate this year’s nominees for Product of the Year by putting a tick on the ballet box here:

Raspberry Pi 7" TouchscreenCodeBugCypress  CY8CKIT-059CY8CKIT-059 PSoC Raspberry Pi 2



RoadTest of the Year

In 2015 almost 3,000 element14 Community members applied for over 60 RoadTests including products that range from single board computers, development kits, test and measurement and more. These RoadTesters generated over 200 reviews for products from engineers around the world. Tell us your choice for RoadTest of the Year over at the polls:

Gizmo 2 Dev BoardKeysight  34470A34470A Multimeter TI  CC2650STKCC2650STK SimpleLink IoT SensorTag micro:bit

Design Challenge of the Year

As you know there's nothing we like more than teaming up with industry leaders and setting intricate, cutting edge problems for our members to solve, which we call Design Challenges. There's a lot of great content to choose from here as you vote for your favourite Design Challenge entry:

Enchanted ObjectsVertical FarmingSci-Fi Your PiSudden Impact



Project of the Year

The Community's members don't always need prompting by a RoadTest or a Design Challenge to post incredible projects on element14. Every day more and more fantastic ideas appear out of the ether, so put your X against the best of the best over in the polls:


Enchanted CottageRaspberry Pi Thermal Ticket PrinterXMOS & Raspberry Pi 2 RobotMeditech


Member of the Year

Here's the hard one, though. Which, of all our hundreds of thousands of awesome members stand out for you as the leader of the pack? These are the people who help to shape and grow the Community every day, encouraging and talking with other members while assisting all our campaigns to run smoothly and yield spectacular fruit.

If only we could run a poll with 370,000 choices, we would, as some small way to say thanks to all of you who contribute your time, your wisdom and your words. But for now, we need you to choose one of these four Community champions.


Enrico MiglinoJohn WiltroutJan CumpsMark Beckett


Future Technology Predictions

A new entry into this year's Community Awards, we asked our panel of experts for their predictions for the hot tech that's going to dominate in 2016. Below are their thoughts, and we want to know which one you particularly agree with by voting for it right here:


Wireless Paymentsmicro:bitIntegrated Wi-FiBio Hacking