element14 Community Awards
I Voted!

Your vote is your voice!



If you've voted in all seven polls of the 2015 Community Awards this week, ahead of the December 4th cut off, you'll have automatically added the highly desirable 2015 Voting Badge to your profile.


But there's more. We've added some new avatars to the profile editor, which allow you to demonstrate your democratic diligence. So join us in updating your avatar to one of our awesome "I Voted" images, and let the electronics world know that you've stood up to be counted!


Updating Your Avatar


Just in case you've not updated your avatar for a while, here's how to change yours to tell the world "I Voted".

  1. Click your name on the right hand side of the top menu to open the drop-down list.
  2. Click "Change Photo & Avatar".
  3. Click the "I Voted" thumbnail image of your choice, and wear it with pride!