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SEMICON Singapore exhibition was held in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on 24 to 26 April 2012.  This event garnered more than 80 speakers from the industry and academia highlighting the most advanced solutions and sharing their experiences and reviews with the 8000 trade visitors. The 3 day exhibition featured close to 150 exhibitors – and element14 has its own booth showcasing the latest emerging technology for the semiconductor industry. 



Most of the participating exhibitors were machines suppliers, machine manufacturers and original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). element14 was the only high service distributor for electrical components at the event, thus reinforcing the branding and image of element14 as the ‘bridge’ between customers and their products or solutions.


At the element14’s booth, many visitors were eager and excited to see a live demonstration of Raspberry Pi (element14 being the first to provide live demo). The booth also showcased LED kits and solutions, products and solutions from our partner – Renasas – and the latest development boards, EAGLE and Micrium. Visitors to the element14 booth enjoyed a variety of deals and browsed through a wide selection of leading electronics solutions for electronic system design, and maintenance and repair.



On Thursday 23rd February 2012 Khadija Kakkar, Mariam Enayah, Tom Adams, Nikki Boulcott, Ryan Deguara and Michael Hovardas represented element14 with a stand at the University of New South Wales Orientation Week (O-Week). O-Week marks the largest event in the universities calendar and it attracts new and returning students with a showcase of university activities and sets the scene for an exciting year ahead. Throughout this time the campus springs to life with interactive events, stalls and inductions.


At element14 we strongly believe in the importance of students in building our future, which is why it was a pleasure to meet all of the bright and happy electrical engineering students fresh out of high school and buzzing with excitement for all things electronic and tech savvy.


The show was a great success and it was a pleasure to showcase the new changes we have made to our student advantage program, the benefits and features of our onCampus category of the Community, theknode, Connect, our web site and our brand.


On the day we ran a competition where if you sign up to our element14 community you could WIN an escape robot kit! The winner of the robot kit was Paul Valdies who is a first year Engineering Student who on the day said, "he was so excited and was very keen to major in electronics", which was perfect and gratifying to support an enthusiastic young student whom one day will support the future of our industry.



With the recent introduction of our improved web search capabilities, the Product Detail Page has undergone a ‘makeover’ too!


  • Simplified Product Detail Page

        The products we carry come with a wealth of information so you can make an informed purchase.

        Now we’ve taken all the info you could need and made it easier for you to scan it all in one spot.

        Plus, we’ve moved the datasheet to the top of the page for faster access.


PDP-details.jpg (click on image to zoom in)


  • Similar Products
    We’ve added links to allow you to find other products with similar attributes easily.

PDP-similar products.jpg(click on image to zoom in)


  • New Content

        With the new redesign, we’ve introduced two new sections:

    • We’ve grouped all the legislation, environmental, and compliance information into one section.
    • As we continue to add supporting videos to the product pages, we’ve created a dedicated section, which will allow you to view videos directly from the product page.


PDP-legi.jpg(click on image to zoom in)

PDP-video.jpg(click on image to zoom in)



  • Social Media
    “Share this Page” will allow you to easily share the product page with your colleagues through multiple social media methods. 


PDP-social media.jpg(click on image to zoom in)



We are always looking out for new ideas and ways to better your web experience at our sites and certainly welcome your feedback and thoughts. Click on the name of the country nearest to you (below), complete a short feedback form and send it back to us.


Australia / New Zealand / India / Singapore

Malaysia / Philippines / Hong Kong / China

If you have been surfing or made purchases from our element14 transactional sites recently, you would have noticed our web search functionality is now simpler, smarter and faster. These search improvements are the product of your continuous feedbacks and inputs over the past months.


Let me take you through some of the exciting search enhancements we have put together.


  • Simplified Search Experience
    With an extensive product catalogue, we’re always looking for ways to make it simple to find what you are looking for. So we’ve moved some of the filters to the left pane for easy use, giving you quicker access to your results.


left aligned search filters.jpg(Click on image to zoom in)


  • Minimum and Maximum Range Selectors
    Selecting multiple parametric values can be time consuming. We’ve introduced the minimum and maximum range selectors in the parametric filter table (of product attributes) to help you select a range of values easily by indentifying the minimum and maximum value.



min-max.jpg(Click on image to zoom in)

  • Improved Product Results and Sorting
    We have improved our product results by including all the product attributes relevant to your search, which you can sort by. We’ve also created a column for manufacturer part number giving you one more way to sort your results. 


sorting search results.jpg(Click on image to zoom in)


  • Product Groups
    This new search feature will help you see similar products with the same attributes. You can group products by any attribute and the results will be presented in a grid for easy scanning. Select one of these groups and you can view our new product group page which will display a list of products that belong to the attribute you have selected. You’ll also be able to further filter your results through the parametric selections. 


product group.jpg(Click on image to zoom in)


We are always looking out for new ideas and ways to better your web experience at our sites and certainly welcome your feedback and thoughts. Click on the name of the country nearest to you (below), complete a short feedback form and send it back to us.


Australia / New Zealand / India / Singapore

Malaysia / Philippines / Hong Kong / China



The last week has been an incredible week for many of us here at element14. One week ago element14 brought the raspberry pi to the global market. And the response has been phenomenal. Much wilder than anyone could have imagined, even more than what the founders of raspberry pi could have even imagined. I refer to their blog post on March 3rd titled: "And breathe ..." and the post starts with the following statement: "Well, that was an incredible week." I couldn't agree more, Eben. The unprecedented demand for raspberry pi lead to quite a media frenzy with coverage all over the globe from cnn to cnet, from engadget and techspot to even a guest blog post by our own Harriet Green on Wired UK.


But let me back up a little bit. Let me start by quoting a few paragraphs from the raspberry pi about us page:


The idea behind a tiny and cheap computer for kids came in 2006, when Eben Upton and his colleagues at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory, including Rob Mullins, Jack Lang and Alan Mycroft, became concerned about the year-on-year decline in the numbers and skills levels of the A Level students applying to read Computer Science in each academic year. From a situation in the 1990s where most of the kids applying were coming to interview as experienced hobbyist programmers, the landscape in the 2000s was very different; a typical applicant might only have done a little web design.


Something had changed the way kids were interacting with computers. A number of problems were identified: the colonisation of the ICT curriculum with lessons on using Word and Excel, or writing webpages; the end of the dot-com boom; and the rise of the home PC and games console to replace the Amigas, BBC Micros, Spectrum ZX and Commodore 64 machines that people of an earlier generation learned to program on.


There isn’t much any small group of people can do to address problems like an inadequate school curriculum or the end of a financial bubble. But we felt that we could try to do something about the situation where computers had become so expensive and arcane that programming experimentation on them had to be forbidden by parents; and to find a platform that, like those old home computers, could boot into a programming environment. From 2006 to 2008, Eben designed several versions of what has now become the Raspberry Pi; you can see one of the earliest prototypes here.


I think it is important for us to take a moment to appreciate the intent of Eben, Rob, Jack and Alan. They saw a disturbing trend around them and they came together to figure out what they can do about it. And unlike many others who have come together and talked about what should be done or what could be done, they stuck with it and put the hard work and effort to bring their ideas to life. And I find it very inspiring to see individuals pursue something with such determination.


And for me this last week has not been about the media frenzy. It hasn't been about all the social media chatter (although that's been fun to read). It hasn't even been the technical aspects (although that is quite amazing). For me this last week has been about celebrating a huge milestone in the journey that Eben, Rob, Jack and Alan set out on - years ago. And I wait with eager anticipation to see what wonderful innovation will be built by the global open source community around the raspberry pi seed - and the value that will bring not just to children in the UK, but in every other part of the world.


- devashish.

The EFY Expo 2012  had all elements of a big show. A powerful mix of seminars, conferences and summits running in parallel at the expo aimed to provide useful insight into the Indian electonics Industry for the benefit of design engineers, manufacturers and decision makers alike. Amidst the fear of global economic slowdown & depreciating rupee EFY Expo proved that the Indian electronics Industry knows the art of surviving and flourish even in the worst situations.

Picture 267.jpg


The three day affair took place at Pragati Maidan New Delhi. With over 12000 worthy footfalls in three days, the event was a huge success. Right from manufacturers, buyers to students the expo attracted all kinds of people related to electronics industry from different parts of the country. Over 450 leading exhibitors exhibited over three days and the business opportunities included components, semiconductors, test and measurement equipment, training and educational services, PCB manufacturers, Electronics manufacturing service providers and design houses.


The Element14 stall at the event was a buzz off activity. We met many customers as well engineers and decision makers.The third day was a full day entry to students, where they could interact and learn new things. Our main objective for the event was to demonstrate our capability and what we are doing and how we can meet the requirements of design engineers and buyers and EFY Expo provided a good opportunity to do that.



Our promotion along with Suppliers ST Micro for Discovery kits and TE for their complete range of products was well received with Engineers from both these suppliers at help to provide solutions to customers queries.



Picture 320.jpg

The unique concept of buyer-seller lounge at the Expo provided the perfect platform to interact and find the right kind of business.

We now look forward for the next edition of this event.

Element14 India is proudly associated with  EFY Expo in Delhi, now in its second edition.

Electronics engineers are aware of EFY, the flagship magazine meeting the needs of design engineers with content which is informative and enriching at the same time. Most engineers get hooked on to EFY quite early in life. My first memories of EFY was in the college library when I was in my 1st year of Engineering.


EFY Expo is the first of its kind effort in South Asia aimed building the comprehensive platform for electronic design industry with an aim to accelerate growth in electronics industry in India.

So when EFY planned for a EFY Expo last year, we were one of their first partners. Bouyed by the response last year, this year again we are participating in the Expo to meet the customers, suppliers and everyone in our ecosystem at one place.


This years highlight includes a special Buyers lounge which EFY and ELCINA have put together to enable buyers and sellers to have focused discussions. There are more than 40+ buyers from various Government, defence and MNC's registered, and are looking at solution providers to support them, in their purchase requirements. Also on the menu are Design engineers conference, seminar on manufacturing and for the first time Test and measurement conference.

You also get an opportunity to listen to speakers from across the cross section of the industry.


This year we have exciting display of New Discovery kits STM8 and STM32 from ST Micro at very attractive prices of Rs.499 and Rs.649 respectively. We also have on display products and solutions from our leading suppliers TI, Microchip, Freescale, Analog Devices, Fluke, Molex and TE.


As a special offer we are also offering our customers a Micromax mobile phone or a Black and Decker toolkit  for all orders beyond Rs.70000/-.

Visit us at Stall no E4A in Hall no 11 and get involved in all the exciting stuff we have for you.

We’ve just released our latest issue of Connect in Australia and New Zealand. Connect is our quarterly publication which showcases our latest and most popular products, offered at the best prices, and this issue is no exception. We’ve featured 800 products, with some products at more than 50% off their standard price. We’ve also taken on board feedback from our customers who wanted to see the products in action, and have featured two RoadTest reviews – Agilent’s U1272A handheld multimeter and Digilent’s chipKIT UNO32.


Plus, for those who wanted to find out more about the Knode, page 38-39 will provide you with a quick look at our CAD tools (such as CadSoft EAGLE V6 and Ultra Librarian) and the Micrium real-time operating system kernels.


We hope you enjoy the latest issue. If you aren’t yet signed up to receive Connect, click here or call 1300 361 005 (Australia) or 0800 90 80 80 (New Zealand) and request a copy today.


Also, we’re now in the process of putting together our next issue, due out in May. Please send through your suggestions and recommendations on what you would like to see in the next Connect to




今天邀请大家参观2012223-25日在深圳会展中心举行的第十七届国际集成电路展(IIC China ),我们的展位号是:IQ33




电子工程师都有自己的想法,但是很多地方需要厂商的指导和技术支持,帮助他们把想法变成现实。而IIC China正是这样的地方,IIC China主要吸引中国电子设计工程师、研发经理和采购。它将展示IC行业应用技术和高端产品,大家来这里可以学习和观摩到一些国际国内最新的电子系统设计与应用。这些与e络盟理念很接近。






所以这次,无论您是设计师,还是技术经理,或者是采购,如果您有机会来IIC China,请来我们的展台(1Q33),面对面的交流将是一次难得的机会,相信你们有机会了解更多。









Let’s meet at IIC China, Shenzhen


Hello, Everyone, I am Steve from Shanghai Marketing Dept. Nice to meet you here. Hope we can talk here more in element14 community!


Today I invite all of you to visit our booth,1Q33, in IIC China conference and exhibition, 23rd – 25th Feb, 2012.



It’s all about engineers, thousands of them. They’ve got the ideas, but they need guidance, know-how and your technology to make them real. IIC-China is where they find it. IIC-China is a must-attend event for design engineers, technical managers and purchasing executives in China. It is China's largest showcase of IC application technologies and high-end components. Thousands of visitors gather at the show to learn about the latest electronics system design solutions from local and international vendors. This is quite similar with what element14 has been providing.


Element14 provides not only wide range of product choices(with over 3.5k suppliers and 400k products), but also the latest designs and solutions from the electronics industry, with many of industry experts gathering here in the community helping solve our  problems.

So, whatever you are, a designer, a technical manager or a purchasing executive, if you come to IIC China, please do come to our booth(1Q33), because the chance of face to face is rare. I believe you will get more than what you have seen.


We’ve also prepared some special gifts for those of you who come early. 23rd – 25th this month, let’s meet at 1Q33 in IIC China conference & Exhibition!


element14 Mobile Website

Posted by Chowwei Feb 8, 2012

element14 eCommerce mobile web is on beta in AU, NZ and SG! Go check it out on your mobile phone by either manually keying in the address or by scanning the QR code here which will directly bring you to the website:

Stuff that customers can do on the mobile site:

  • Search for products,
  • View detailed product information such as stock, price and datasheets,
  • Share products with your friends
  • Create a shopping list and fulfill the transaction on the main eCommerce site


We are in the midst of completing the the marketing landing page at You'll see more content in the landing page in the next few days. There will be a video specially created for the launch of the mobile web. We will update the blog when the video is ready.


What do you think of the site? Any top/priority requests to improve the experience for our customers? We are gonna eventually release this to other countries in AP. Let us hear your voice!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the element14 APAC blog!


My name is Devashish Saxena. I work for element14 based in Singapore and am responsible for our global eCommerce strategy as well as heading up our Asia-Pacific marketing organization. My organization is responsible for speaking to many of you outside and many others inside our company to understand how we evolve and build our online proposition, and how we take it to market in APAC. Last week a few of us were sitting around at the end of our day Friday talking about various random things - and we had this brilliant idea. We've got one of the most vibrant, dynamic and recognized communities in the electronics/engineering space - why not use it to establish a personal connection with our customers, suppliers, and partners in Asia.


And so here we are. A blog established on the Asia-Pacific News area - which we will use across our marketing, ecommerce, product, supplier and other teams to share with you many of the ideas we are driving, capabilities we are launching, things we find interesting, or things we want to learn more about. I commited last friday to get the first post out there. So here I am to say "Hello"


Over time, as more of us from Element14 APAC post on various topics, you will discover  that our team is a very diverse one. We are made up of engineers (both  hardware and software), user experience architects and designers, social  marketers and media gurus, men, women, in/from various geographies  around the world. Our experience is just as diverse. Many of us have grown up  in the semiconductor/electronics industry, but several of us come from a whole host  of other industries such as retail, advertising, financial services, and even film! I think this diversity of thought allows us to look at  engineering applications with many different perspectives. In particular, we are able to discern how new and emerging internet capabilities can be adapted to serve your (known and sometimes not yet known) online needs.


Of course we don't have it all figured out. And we never will. This space is changing so rapidly every day. What we can do to add value to your world continues to grow at an exponential pace. But what really helps ensure that we stay on the right track is our connection to you: the engineer, the buyer. Our customer.


I look forward to all our interactions through this blog. In the meantime, let me close by pointing you to the recent results (which was the topic of one of our press releases) of an independent study titled: "Online Brand Health Benchmark Report: 30 Leading Brands in the Electronics Industry" conducted by Heardable Inc. in the US. This study examined many of the brands in the electronics industry and how effective they were online. I am very proud to share that Element14 was chosen as the #1 online brand in the electronics industry! Our own Newark was 2nd! If you are interested here's a link to a blog post by the CEO of Heardable  - Jon Samsel.


talk soon,


Devashish Saxena

SVP, Global eCommerce Strategy and

APAC Marketing Director

       首个融合电子商务与在线社区的电子元件分销商e络盟(element14)日前宣布将高调亮相于6月9日至6月12日举行的第17届广州国际照明展览会。届时,e络盟将展示精选的LED照明方案,并重点推荐来自Cree、Texas Instruments、Lumex、Microchip等品牌供应商的最新产品及工具。同时,e络盟高端服务项目及电子商务网站的最新功能改进也将是此次参展的一大亮点。


       e络盟此次参展的高端服务项目将包括全球首个在线设计研究工具element14 Knode,它是专为工程师设计的智能在线搜索和知识工具。帮助工程师为设计选择解决方案,缩短产品上市时间,同时加速设计演进,满足设计需求。此外,用于专业主板设计、且非常易用的Cadsoft第六版EAGLE PCB软件也将出现在体验区。CadSoft公司的EAGLE软件是一款屡获殊荣且最畅销的计算机辅助设计(CAD)工具,它为适应中国用户使用习惯所做的更新,正在为其赢得越来越高的美誉度和知名度。


       此次广州国际照明展,e络盟展台位于12.2展厅,G34号展台,您可以在现场了解多个系列照明产品的性能及最佳方案,并亲身体验e络盟高端服务项目。当然还有精心准备的现场幸运抽奖活动;如蒙光顾,还将有机会获得e络盟送出的Texas Instruments样品包,先到先得!!!



















作为领先的小批量分销商,e络盟带来了目前火爆的Raspberry Pi产品现场演示,同时有技术部、市场部、销售部多名同事现场与客户互动沟通。e络盟展会现场有丰富的活动,每天还有iPad灯礼品抽奖,这些活动都吸引大量专业观众关注。



Raspberry Pi现场演示。工程师及发烧友轮番操作。








给TE Connectivity颁奖







element14参加的第一个大中华区的展会—— IIC China在2月25号落幕了。IIC展会官方的展后报告预计要到本月中才出炉,因此,在这里我先和大家共享一下本次活动的一些精彩片段和亮点吧。




206家厂商 (其中40家分销商,26家IC 设计公司)




作为重要分销商,我们搭建了漂亮的展台并设计了多个有趣的项目以吸引专业观众的观众。感谢Tim、Joe、Leah和新加坡WCS Team的同事们了,他们为深圳展会展台设计花了很多心思,并且吸引了很多专业观众。





作为吸引大家关注的活动之一,我们的礼品有iPod Touch, Sony Digital Camera和一个小自行车,但是不同之处在于我们今天尝试了抽奖与social media相结合的方式,因此及时没有来现场的工程师,也知道我们有这个有趣的活动。猜猜看,我们哪个礼品最受现场和social media上欢迎?






我们预先发布在 (China Twitter plus Tumblr which allows us to post impages and vidoe in our twitter) 上的微博显示,我们得到了35个re-posting,和21条comments,要知道,在中国,re-post一条微博,我们的branding和images都会同时被显示,而我们在中国的粉丝(fans)数量大概在1000个,由于有趣的互动,所以从展会前到今天结束,我们大概增加了94个新的粉丝,接近10%的增加。





最后说一下我们的收获吧。今年我们总共收集到 1995 条 leads(尚未经过排重处理,目前数据正在输入和统计),对比去年我们收到 895 条leads!这是一个不小的增长!


如果大家还有什么疑问,欢迎和我交流。也请大家留意,本月20号,我们马上要在上海参加一个更大的展览会了,Electronica Shanghai 2012!请大家继续留意我们的博客和微博。