ReconRobotics, in collaboration with the US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, have released a new version of their robot scout. This new version has magnetic rollers, allowing it to scale ships and other ferrous metal objects. The bot is equipped with a IR camera for night vision capabilities (8 meter range). Further sensors and payloads are planned.


ReconRobotics has a slew of other bots for military use. The Recon Scout XT series has a simple way of traversing obstacles. The hook like fins on its wheel base all allows it to pass door stops and other rough terrain. And an series of Recon Scout bots with less aggressive wheels, one featuring an IR camera.

All bots are controllable via a handheld device with a single joystick. The cameras can not change view angle at the moment. Average weight of a single bot is 1 pound, and the whole system pack is about 3 pounds. The robot maintains its orientation via counter-weight tail. No matter which way it lands, it can bring itself upright quickly. Another robot that is capable of launching these Recon Bots is also planned.

As in the video, I think I would also be scared of a tube rolling towards me.