Stencil application of the DIY conductive ink (Via Jordan Bunker)


From the work of University of Illinois Urbana Champaign professor Jennifer Lewis, Chicago based "hacker" Jordan Bunker has successfully produced conductive ink using Ebay bought items. Bunker's efforts thoroughly validate the desirability of Lewis's ink project, and is sure to usher a slew of others copying the work (Mockery is the best form of flattery). Easily printing circuit boards at home is right around the corner.


Bunker, a member of Chicago's Pumping Station: One, released these words:

Conductive inks have a myriad of different interesting applications. As a quick, additive construction method for electronic circuits, they are especially intriguing. Unfortunately, for a long time they have been just out of reach of the hobby market. They are too expensive to buy in decent quantities, too complicated to make, too resistive to be practical, or require high annealing temperatures (which would ruin many of the materials you’d want to put traces on).


For those ambitious few who want to create conductive ink with the same process can see the entire tutorial at Bunker's website: http://jordanbunker.com/archives/41


With such an easy process, I would not be surprised if thousands of people are currently attempting to create the same solution right now. Although Jennifer Lewis has the rights to the ink, how soon until someone else tried to sell the ink in some fashion?