Need to use sensors to do some quick spot testing of a project but find yourself having to build that tester? George Yu, CEO of  Variable Technologies may just have created the perfect solution. Node is a small cylindrical shaped device about the size of a cigarette lighter featuring many useful sensors that can be displayed onto your iPhone 4s or Android device via Bluetooth. Just connect the Node you need for the testing application, it is that easy.



Every Node will be equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.  The kore app on the smart phone will allow you to see values on a nice graph displaying the readings from all three sensors. In addition, the Node is Arduino compatible. It will have open API, firmware, and source code allowing it to be easily integrated into various projects. Also, 2 MB of memory will be available for programming through a micro-USB charging port. Node uses a lithium polymer battery that can last up to 14 hours with continuous Bluetooth use.


The Node allows the attachment of up to two additional modules to allow multiple sensors to function at once. The modules easily attach at the ends of the Node, and the first two available are the Clima and the Luma. The Clima features barometric pressure, wind speed, and humidity sensing. It can be used on outdoor adventure trips and to track your elevation or for your own weather forecasting projects. The Luma is a flashlight module that features 8 high brightness LEDs that are controlled through your smart phone app. You can turn any number of LEDs on or off and can also create lighting patterns for them.



Variable Technologies is also looking to add many additional modules to allow for a wide variety of projects. One of these will be called the Oxa and will detect and measure the presence of various gases ranging from hydrogen to carbon monoxide making it ideal for professional situations.



Overall, the Node will be perfect for those who use on site, spot sensors or even those looking to explore working with sensors for their first time.