Korea, undoubtedly one of the most computerized nations on the world, is showing the world again, why they choose to emerge themselves in the virtual world of video games and augmented reality.  “Live Park”, located near Seoul, is evolving the idea of what a theme park is for, as they say, generation x. The experience is unlike anything ever seen before. There you will see RFID and kinect camera technology used in odd ways, and even the concept of an real world Avatar. The idea is to transport the imagination, but also transform the identities of visitors. Everyone is paired up with his or her avatar when entering “Live Park”. The avatar is capable of recognizing your every movement, gestures, even face and voice.



With 65 technologically innovative and interactive attractions scattered throughout the "live park," it is more like a ten thousand square meter augmented reality town.  A sections of the “live square"  holds the world's biggest interactive videogame projection screen. Not only is there the biggest video game screen, there is also the biggest interactive 360-degree stereoscopic theater that one alongside their avatar can enjoy.



The mainstream’s use augmented reality is innovative. This trend of increase in popularity and accessibility will surely make its way around the world, especially with plans like those of Microsoft to license their Kinect camera for laptop integration.



Over 13 million dollars were invested into “Live Park,” which will keep it running for 2 years. With 10,000 daily visitors that embarking on a augmented reality experience, the park is sure to turn a profit.