Production bot and conceptual drawing (via Brave Robotics)


Brave Robotics (no transform/no robot) is set to unleash their updated version of their transforming RC robot on the masses as the company readies itself for production. Sure there are a bunch of transformer-like robot RC cars, like Blue Hat’s Savage, Raiden Tech’s Remote Control Car and Hammacher Schlemmer’s Remote Controlled Transforming Robot Car, but none of them can stack up to hobbyist Kenji Ishida’s Robo-One transforming RC robot. Kenji has been developing the robot for the better part of a decade and has been through almost as many revisions (currently at revision 7.2).


However, the core internals have pretty much stayed the same since revision 6.5 and includes a humanoid metal frame that’s articulated using 22 high-powered servos. The robot’s shell (or car body) has been revamped, not so much in its design but rather how it’s made which was done using a specially designed 3D printer (made by Kenji’s company Brave Robotics). This gives the robot a more streamlined look and can be made in a variety of colors of your choosing. In addition to the 3D printed body, the transformer is also outfitted with a Wi-Fi equipped camera that can stream video to your tablet or smartphone as well as functional plastic missile launchers on the robots arms. Controlling the robot is done through what appears to be a modified wireless PlayStation controller that lets the user drive the RC-bot, transform (in a matter of a few seconds) and walk (while in robot mode). The transforming RC robot will be featured at this year’s (2012) Maker Faire Tokyo. There is a limited run of 10 bots available for 1.98 million yen ($24,074 USD) right now, with a one month lead time. Truly a lavish gift for a select few.