Futaba OLED concept watch (via Futaba)


Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) may very well be the Japanese equivalent of the American Consumer Electronics show. Top companies and technological innovators come to show off their latest tech and give everyone a glimpse into the future. This year Futaba revealed their prototype OLED display watch.



Their display, which was not in the most attractive housing, did manage to attract everyone's attention. It features a 3.5 inch display that is only 0.22mm thick. As a result, it has increased flexibility, also thanks to the manufacturing process, and has no problem wrapping around a wrist. The display offers a 254 X 64 resolution along with a brightness of 100 candelas per square meter or 100 lumens. There is yet to be any word on power consumption from the device, but the prototype they had on display seemed to be getting power from external circuitry. It's the color and thinness that sets it apart from other novelty screen based watches, like the iPod Nano watch for example.



Although Futaba indicated that their screen technology is ready for production, they are not going to have any of them for sale anytime soon. Futaba seems to be waiting for an interested vendor before any smart watch applications are to be seen. The display may not be as intriguing as current smart phone displays, but it could probably hold enough information within it to take some of the work load off that smart phone. If this watch was available, it would have made it on the good old Xmas list.