wireless power charging.jpg

Wireless power transfer concept PR image. I hope it works just like advertised. (via Fulton)


Wireless charging mobile gadgets have hit its stride since the introduction of the Powermat, Duracell myGrid and the Energizer Inductive Charger (to name a few). But what if you need power on the fly and don’t have any mobile power packs or for that matter a wall outlet? At this year’s CES in Las Vegas Fulton Innovation has unveiled their solution to this problem and lets you siphon power from one mobile device to another, using their eCoupled technology. The technology takes advantage of the Qi-compatible wireless standard that’s equipped in the latest smartphones and tablets. All eCoupled devices use their wireless and authentication tech to find compatible candidates for power transfer. Once a compatible device is found, such as a tablet, users can simply place the receiving device on the tablets primary transmission coil (much like a charging mat) and siphon off the power with an incredible 98% efficiency. Power transfer automatically stops once the receiving device is fully charged, turned off or separated from the power transmission device (transmission/receiving works both ways for Qi equipped mobile devices). Maximum distance or efficiencies at certain distances is not reveiled as of yet. Fulton Innovation is not only unveiling their eCoupled tech, but also their latest developments in charging multiple devices on a single platform, which is capable of distinguishing between the power needs of each device connected. As it stands right now 2013 looks to be the year of all things mobile, including wireless power transfer for new and upcoming tablets and phones.