Looking for a way to get youngins interested in electronics? Or maybe you’re just getting into electronics yourself and would like an elementary refresher on the basics. Either way, Adafruit has something in store for you with the recent debut of its Circuit Playground - a YouTube based kids show targeted at educating children on the rapidly growing world of electronics.


Limor Fried, best known in the maker world as Ladyada, is the founder of Adafruit - a company focused on providing high-quality electronics and an online educational database for makers of all ages. Ladyada stars as the intellectual co-host alongside ADABOT, the robotic puppet that is sure to garner kids’ attention as it learns more about electronics in subsequent episodes. The series is filmed, edited, written, and produced by Ladyada, Collin Cunningham, Phil Torrone, and the whole Adafruit gang.


The first episode, titled “A is for Ampere,” takes us on a three minute and fifty second quest to understand electric current and the way it is measured. The title alone hints that future shows will follow a similar alphabet-based electronics review, so be sure to lookout for the next 25 Circuit Playground episodes. Of course, if you’d like to learn about electric current, check out the first episode below for yourself.




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