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I have been umming and hahing over what to do for the Acoustics Project14 activity for several weeks now, but without actually getting down and doing something. I would rather build a mobile robot which is why I have been playing around with QuadABot and CuteABot and couldn't really think of anything I could do with acoustics and mobile robots. Today I was reminded that the Acoustic project ends on 16th March'20 which isn't that far away now - only three weeks, not very long if I want to get some 'bits' from some web site or other without paying excessive postage. So I have decided to just do something now with what I have now and maybe do an enhancement later if time and parts permit.


At some point in my life I acquired a five foot long wooden ruler. I  can remember not having it and I now remember having it but I just cannot remember how I acquired it. So what I have decided to do is to build a small mobile robot that only goes backwards and forwards (one dimension = 1D) using the ruler as a guide and possibly a measure as well. Using a continuous rotation micro servo motor to power it forwards and backwards and using an ultrasonic distance measurement module HC-SR04 to detect/measure the distance to an object such as a wall, plus a Nano to make it all work. Then just get it to run forwards and backwards to and from the wall. It doesn't have any useful purpose it just moves and uses ultrasonics so it's a mobile robot and it uses acoustics, everybody is satisfied.


I was going to try and do this in just one hour for an extra challenge but it's taken me 30 minutes to find the parts and it's nearly time for a sleep in front of the fire so I'll do a bit onw and the rest some other time.