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Hi, these are terrible days, in Italy we have been locked in the house for days to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

What's better than designing and building something with Arduino? I thought of creating a small circuit that, based on the values of temperature, humidity and brightness, can set 8 soundtracks for our day. For example, if it is hot and it is daytime it could be relaxing to hear crickets to dream of lying on the grass in the countryside, if instead it is dark and it is hot and humid it could be nice to listen to the frogs, etc.

As sounds, we have that of a stream, that of rain, sea waves, etc. the only limit is our imagination. Songs that adapt to different situations could also be set, rock for summer evenings, blues for winter evenings, country music for summer afternoons, etc. I am having fun alternating music and sounds and, above all, I am spending long days at home doing something I love.

Here is link to this project.


Contact me for code or connections, i'm publishing it the very last they of the contest!

I hope this project will interest you and above all stimulate everyone's curiosity. Greetings from Italy