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Well, at last, I found my donor, a SONY TC-188SD Cassette Player. The cassette door will be clear plexiglass so can see the tubes glow. If I can get the parts, I will have a rather unique power supply that you only see in very exotic stuff. There are three transformers 1 for the heaters with dual 12vac outputs and two for the 220vac stuff. If the transformers come they will be toroids. So I will have to solve an inrush current problem, most likely with an Arduino and a few relays. This way I can cycle the three power supplies up one at a time, without blown fuses or fires.

After about 2 hours of surgery, I ended up with an empty shell with NEMA power connector, Power Switch. No, I will not show a picture of an empty chassis.

Oh yes, I just got my tube sockets, very, very nice. Ceramic.


The Tape head assembly, the drive motor, and a pair of nice VU meters. Anybody want DIBS before they go up on eBay.

The First-person messages me with details wins one item only. Please make your case good.

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  • Project  
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