And the planet spins and life goes on. This has been a build from hell, nothing is normal, no chassis, or priced out of sight. My two preamp modules are 6" x 3" x 1.5" first I tried the guerrilla break which was very disappointing. I had the right Idea but I should have / could have mounted some hinges and that should have made a nice bend. So shell out more $$ on aluminum and pop rivet gun (the first one was defective, oh joy) the Arrow Gun does not always release the mandrel or stem of the rivet so you have to beet it out will a hammer.

One of my pet peeves is that my drill press is sloppy! It is from Harbor Freight and cheaply made. The big problem with is the shaft or the quill I have seen some fixes ie drill and tap the head (cast whatever) and use screws of sorts to center it. this is something for a later day. and I would not use screws plastic or otherwise. I would use some Allen or Torx setscrews, as that's what they're used for.

The two preamps are mechanically done but need more work. The front panel plexiglass is cut and now my belt sander's (porta-cable 371) belt broke hey it is 2.5" x 14"  and nobody has them. The back panel has to be drilled for the fuses and the auxiliary power outlets cut out (tomorrow) and the power has to be mounted along with the Arduino which I will mount under the power supply.


I have recently found how to remove all the paint from the front of the panel (Tech Tip III) I think while this is in an unassembled state I might send out the bare bright aluminum to be anodized (if it does not cost an arm and a leg!). And my power supply keeps blowing fuses.

The damn torids are a real pain in the ass! I'm going to have to see if I can get some samples from Ametherm. I have rigged a power supply on my desk and the damn things on start go from almost a dead short to full load in a few blinks of an eye.

Not Quite Disgusted quite Yet.