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Manufacturing major, may try to print some stuff made in rhino, post process my stl files in advance. ...

Mascotte RPAS

Posted by fireflashx32 Dec 11, 2017
My holiday project entry is designing and realizing a Remotely Pilotted Aircraft System (RPAS), from scratch, as a mascotte for our makerspace of the Air Force!   I am an electrical engineer (just graduated for my bachelors) with a new job and a new makerspace I am coadministrating. One of the projects for our makerspace is the RPAS who should serve as our mascotte.   While the project is still in its earliest stages, we are eagerly spending our (spare) time discussing and brainstorm ...

BrightH2O light!

Posted by julior Dec 11, 2017
Cool LED Display Monthly project competitions, chances to earn prizes, you decide project themes, your ideas, your projects, turn ideas into projects. Back to The Project14 homepage Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll   WHY: Making cycling safer!The purpose of making this project is, to increase a cyclist safety in hopes to decrease accidents. The BrightH2O bottle increases safety by making you more visible. WHAT: What was used to create itThe prototypes are based off an A ...