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Interface load cell to Arduino


These are the first results of the working smart shopping bag project. Finally I got the Load Cell 10kg straight Bar sensor and the Load Cell Amplifier HX711. Interfacing them is simple with Arduino. There are also libraries available in Arduino to use the load cell.


Connecting the load cell to the Arduino board via the amplifier


Testing and calibrating the load cell


The test setup



I2C operated LCD to see the load results


The load cell should be calibrated with 100g so i chose to use the spicy sauce


reset the scale to 0grams


No weight measurement. Sometimes some offset can be seen which have to be reset everytime







measuring other items such as cream.


The working Load Cell 10kg straight Bar with Amplifier HX711 connected to Arduino and displaying message on LCD via the I2C


Working demo if the project



Adding the flex Panel LED array to the mix and connecting to Arduino


Working video with different messages to the flex-led panel


Problems During the Project

  • I tried to re-do the code with pocket beagle but without much success. Since the beagle IDE runs on the board itself there is needed to add a wifi dongle to install libraries on it. I also tried to use the flex panel with beagle bone but without much success so I decided to go with Arduino.





  • Another minor issue is that the load cell needs to be reset several times as sometimes it does show not so accurate results. I did several times the calibration of the load cell.


Where to buy Hardware:


Load Cell 10kg straight Bar sensor https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13329

Load Cell Amplifier HX711 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13879



How all the sensor fits to the shopping bag.