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This is the last blog for the competition wearable tech. After thinking and head-scratching finding the right mechanics for the smart shopping bag is very important. Some top points I considered while choosing the correct prototype- bag


  • The bad should be washable hence the electronics should be removable from the  bag easily.
  • The portable power supply needed
  • The weighing can be done in the handle or at the bottom of the bag. I chose at the bottom of the bag because the load cell sensor was not stabilizing when placed in the handle. The Load cell needed to be perfectly stable for measurement to be accurate.
  • Where to place the other electronics? My solution is not perfect here as I had not much space allotted for the other electronics so I placed them on the side at the bottom but this is not a good solution.


The final setup is here

Securing the electronics in place


Using big portable battery as the led panels take much current and voltage and placing in the bag



Recaliberating the weight sensor. This time in the bag



Secured the LCD display on the bag and the LED Panel


My wife getting ready to go shopping with  the bag


Finally measuring things in the bag.


More Thoughts on this to make it better


  • The mechanics can be made better.
  • Right now everything moves and shakes a bit in the bad which is not the best solution.
  • The load cell sensor is very sensitive to minor changes in weight such as if the inside circuit moves it can end up measuring some of that as well.




This is the first prototype of the smart shopping bag. I am still thinking of ideas to make the smart shopping bag more reliable and sturdy. Making a single PCB for all the accessories and device sensors could be a step in this direction. Then I don't have to deal with many wires cluttering the bag.


Nevertheless the prototype does work quite better than I had expected it.