On returning home one day recently I was excited to discover a bag from Element14. Element14 boxes and bags are always exciting as they are always unexpected and full of interesting things I don't have. After looking at other comments I have guessed that this bag of gifts is for my comments on the 10 Year Challenge - which I had found interesting as 10 year ago I was still hammering away at my career and trying to open up the potential of my student's minds. Now I'm nearly two years retired and find it hard to belive I was ever like that!


Still, below is my unbagging video. It's a bit shaky as it is pretty difficult to open one of these plastic/paper bags with one hand while holding the video camera in the other. I was pleased to get lots of good stuff (including a blue man with both arms intact!) and if I have the time to figure out how it works I might use the Feather Huzzah (or is it Huzzah Feather) in my cat/dog/fox detecting Project14 activity.