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Beginning the last week of October, and throughout the month of November we will be celebrating the 3rd annual Makevember with the first ever Makevember on Project14.  You can read about Makevember 2019 in the following post:


Here is the Makevember Manifesto from last year (we'll update this page when the Manifesto is written for this year):


The idea of Makevember is to do projects, not for a reward or a prize, but for the sake of doing projects.  Most of all its about having fun.  We'll be featuring some of our favorite projects (not just winners) throughout the Month of November and encouraging you to revisit past themes from Project14  and just start making projects. If your past project is featured in the weekly roundup or you submit a project you will win a special maker badge:




Here's how you can participate in Makevember on the element14 community:


  • Be Creative, Be Original - There's no shortage of things you can do on the community.  Every day in November you can spend (5 minutes?) working on a project for the Animatronics competition, the Vision Thing competition, or the upcoming RF (Radio Frequency) competition on November 14th.  Or, this can be an opportunity to dust an old project that you were working on off of your shelf. Feel free to do whatever,  but be original! Post a project in any past or current theme for a chance to win free swag:



  • Doesn’t Have to Take All Day - If you only spend 5 minutes that should be good enough.
  • Use Whatever is Around -  See if you have extra stuff lying around that you can re-purpose for an existing project.  (there will be gifts from mañana arriving throughout the month for featured projects)
  • Work Wherever, Whenever, Even in Unusual Places -  You don't have to work in your usual space.  You could take your project with you when you are visiting  relatives or a friend and turn it into a team project.  Or, you could save yourself from burden during your commute on the train.  Or you could surround yourself with nature when you work on your project. Just have fun.
  • Share It Online with a Photo or a Video - Share your project on instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter, or wherever with hashtag:  #makevember#project14, #e14community, (insert hashtag of your choice).  Or, share a project you really liked or learned from on social media by tagging it #makevember, #project14, #e14community, etc.
  • Be Good to Yourself - Don't worry about what people think. Themes are loosely structured and this a very friendly community.  If your project fails or doesn't fit the theme exactly then post it anyway!
  • Done is Good Enough -  We've had a number of themes this year that have stretched what's possible in a two month project competition, with Vision Thing being the latest challenge.  Don't worry if it's not finished or you miss the deadline.  Post it in the space anyway!


Beginning the week leading into and throughout Makevember, we'll be featuring 25 54 of the Greatest Hits (5 10 a week) of Project14 :



Share your Makevember project on the community and share on social media:


Each Member who posted a Greatest Hits project will be sent swag and receive a Maker badge:



Here is some of the swag (random acts of kindness) we've sent out so far (we'll continue sending out swag to those that did not get any as part of the Holiday Special 19 festivities):