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This is the first list in a five part series where we list the Greatest Hits of the Project14 as part of the first Makevember celebration on the element14 community in honor of the third Makevember event.  Makevember is an event that encourages everyone to spend 5 minutes a day working on projects to make things for the fun of it. The idea of a Greatest Hits compilation is borrowed from music.   On a Greatest Hits compilation you'll see 20-25 songs in no particular order and you'll notice a lot of gems missing if you're at all familiar with the artist's work. In the spirit of Makevember its not about whose project is "best", won prizes, and it is not a ranked or ordered list.   It's a celebration of the effort, the learning, the fun, the creativity, the skill, and the entertainment that you have provided to make this program possible.


Programs change and evolve all the time.  What won't change is the by Members  for Members approach we've taken to this program. Ideas for themes to do for project competitions are generated by members, those themes are voted on and members decide which project competitions they want to do every month, and the winners are decided by members every month as well. What also won't change is the spirit of the program, it has always been about having fun and being creative.  For those reasons, and many more, we couldn't think of a better way to close out the year than a Makevember celebration followed by the 3rd annual Holiday Special.


We'll be releasing parts of the 25 greatest Hits of Project14 throughout Makevember and by the time we have finished this list, you'll have a representative sample of all the great work that's been done by the community members in support of this program.  The purpose is not to exclude but to celebrate, and the hope is that the 25 projects selected are representative of everything that's been going on around here since things got started.


Here is the first batch (Projects 25-20) of the 25 Greatest Hits on Project14:



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Project 25: Mini Gameboy Home Console

Project 25:  Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer  by nobble

A Question of Scale



This project came from the A Question of Scale competition.  The theme was to shrink or grow a project. Most people know Nobble from his custom handheld’s and unique video game mods, a few may remember him from his Hack Like Heck project. A fan since he was a kid, Ben Heck was the main source of inspiration for his projects and ideas for custom builds. The idea of portablizing a video game console or making a giant handheld device seemed too cliché so he decided to turn a small handheld into an even smaller home console.  He morphs Gameboy DGM-01 into a full-fledged Big Screen device thus playing off of both the "Shrink" AND "Grow" theme.


Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer from A Question of Scale


"This was a great project with an interesting, detailed blog and video giving a clear view of the design and build process. The end result was a very neat design that definitely rescaled the original." - Community Member Judge



"Mini Game Boy, great writeup, good walk through of design, and a solid build" - Community Member Judge


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Easy VGA
Gameboy DGM-01
Project 24: Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid)

Project 24:  Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) by jomoenginer

Open Arduino



This project won the top prize in the Open Arduino competition so that right there tells you its not an ordered list.  Project14 chose to celebrate its birthday by celebrating Arduino Day with an Open Ended Arduino competition while also paying homage to the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope.   If memory serves correct,  jomoenginer discovered he was the Grand Prize winner the same night he took his daughter to a Star Wars Movie.   The alignment of all these events was the Arduino Powered MSE-6 (a.k.a. Mouse Droid). For those of you who are not familiar, this is the little wheeled droid that Chewy roared at causing it to run off scared in A New Hope.  Apparently, there is a whole Mouse Droid Builders group and many examples of how to build this but most seem to be Radio Controlled.  His intent was to create a completely autonomous MSE-6 that can self navigate an area, as well as, go to a designated location. Based on Star Wars lore, these were maintenance droids used to perform minor repairs or as messenger bots which were voice activated to open and deliver a private message.  His version would include WiFi (and/or Bluetooth) where the Droid could be accessed remotely and given instructions for its next task.  To do this he set up a Mouse Droid webpage that was hosted on the Arduino Yun.  He was able to send a message to the Yun TFT screen, play the Mouse Droid sounds as well as control the droid by moving it Forward, Backward, Left, Right and Stop.   He added the ping sensor to the front but didn't use the sweep servo due to space. To create the body of the Mouse droid he used black foam board.  This was cheap and easy to work with, although he did some work to get the shape he was looking for. He took a few sheets and cut the individual pieces he needed. After hot cluing the pieces together, the Mouse Droid shape started to take form. With the chassis and the body together, it was time to put the guts (electronics) in the Droid. This included the Arduino Yun, Ardiuno UNO, Seeed TFT Screen, Speaker, 7.2 to 5 volt regulator, Steering servo, Photon Speed 2 Motor, and ESC.



Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid)


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DuraTrax Photon Speed 2
Horizon ESC 60A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
Black Foam Board
Pluggable USB Audio


Also on Project14  from jomoenginer :

Project 23: (Semi)Automated Plant Irrigation System


Project 23:  (Semi)Automated Plant Irrigation System by urkraft

Mixing Electronics & Water


This is an automated system for watering urkraft 's olive tree.  The main components for this are a soil moisture sensor, a 10 gallon bucket of water with a water level sensor, an Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 microcontroller, and a peristaltic water pump.


The two sensors are connected to inputs of the feather, and the water pump is controlled by an output signal from the feather. There are two built in LED’s on the feather:

  • Red: used to indicate that the soil is dry enough to warrant watering
  • Blue: Used to indicate that the bucket is empty (requires a refill of water)

There are three criteria which all have to be met in order to turn on the pump (and water the plant):

  1. There must be water in the bucket
  2. The lack of moisture in the soil must be greater than a specified threshold value
  3. A specified minimum amount of time must have elapsed since the pump was last turned off while watering.

Any one of the following criteria will cause the pump to be turned off:

  • No water left in the bucket
  • The moisture level of the soil is higher than a specified threshold value (this criteria also triggers starting of the timer which keeps track of the amount of time that has elapsed since the pump was turned off).


(Semi)Automated Plant Irrigation System

"Well documented, clearly explained and with a good video showing both the making-of and the real-world application (very nice I should say)." - Community Member Judge

"A well executed build that included great features" - Community Member Judge

"Interesting project designed to keep an Olive tree alive and happy." - Community Member Judge

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5v 2.1A DC power supply w/micro usb contact
12v 1A DC power supply
Power Jack for the 12V Power Supply
Soil Moisture Sensor
water level switch NC
22k ohm 1/8w resistor
10k 1/8w resistor (quantity 2)
33 ohm 1/4w resistor
1N4001 diodes (quantity 2)
Peristaltic Pump
VR05R241A single pole DIL relay
Assorted jumper wires


Also on Project14 by urkraft:



{tabbedtable} Tab LabelTab Content
Project 22: Simple Solar Bot

Project 22: Simple Solar Bot by snidhi

Solar Power Devices



Simple Solar Bot


Simple Power Bot was conceived as a simple solar powered robot capable of harnessing energy from solar panels. Part of this project involved learning more about how an Arduino handled power consumption and whether it could get the voltage and current that it needed from solar power boards. What's really impressive, is the fact that this was snidhi 's first attempt working with solar energy, an undertaking that she was very enthusiastic about.  If everything goes according to plan, the Simple Solar Bot would be able to self sustain its energy requirements and be smart enough to go into sleep mode to consume less energy when there was no activity.  Adjustments were necessary throughout the process to nail down the right motors to use for the mechanical design.  This project involves an Arduino NaNo


"This project should be first place. It followed the theme and was completed. Being the first solar project by snidhi made it even better. ...Very detailed steps on how this project was created. From schematics, video, images and text. It could be re-made by many with the information included. ...Many uploaded videos detailing the continued progress throughout the project. The final video submission proves that it works and has a lot of potential. ...The project was original and very well planned. ...This being S Nidhi's first time working with solar power made it more impressive. There were some issues that were overcome with a couple of changes. ...Feedback was positive and encouraging." - Community Member Feedback

"This was a great lesson in overcoming deficiencies in initial plans and persevering to complete your goals". - Community Member Judge


"There was plenty of detail to follow, nice videos and a great sense of motivation." - Community Member Judge

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Product Name
Solar Panels (quantity 2)
L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
Analog 2-axis Thumb Joystick + Breakout Board
10W 3.7V LiPo Lithium Battery Charger
3.7V Li-Ion Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board
3.7V 2000mAh battery lithium polymer LiPo rechargeable battery
DC-DC Step Up Power Module Booster Power Module 3V-5V
Robotics Chassis
5 V Geared Motors


Also on Project14 by snidhi :

Project 21: The Dancing Birds

Project 21:  The Dancing Birds

Clustered MCUs


This project was experiment to demonstrate that birds do not always have to be angry!  As balearicdynamics sets out to prove, they can do something else! He hypothesizes that birds can dance and that it is in fact possible to set up some sort of a small ecosystem where they can dance comfortably.  This project was chosen as the craziest project to use two or more microcontrollers.  It uses 6 micro servos and an Arduino Mega 2560 to control the motion and sync the servos.  The Arduino Mega was chosen because it has many pins, good speed, and a reasonable amount of programming memory and RAM.  With the Arduino Mega in control of The Dancing Birds , who was going to control the Arduino Mega?  balearicdynamics 's solution was none other than a BBC micro:bit!




For the grand prize I think the Dancing Birds is my favourite, inventive, funny and detailed write up. - Community Member Judge

Watching the video made my day. This is the type of project that  would brighten your day. It would be easy enough to re-create with different  objects that are meaningful to the creator. - Community Member Judges

Wonderful project with lots of care in its presentation, and documentation with photos and video too. This is a very inspiring project and I learned a lot from it. This is the level of inspiring projects I would like to be able to create, and aim to present it like that too one day, so really for me it was my favourite. - Community Members Judge



This was another creative project, where whimsy was on fully display. Sort of like Art runs into Engineering. - Community Member Judge

Creative, suited to the season, and fun.  Loved it. - Community Member Judge


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Six Micro Servos


Also on Project14 from balearicdynamics :