In session #1 of the workshop, i have learned a coupled of new things


-the Linux that runs on the PYNQ-Z2 is PetaLinux

-we can do RISC-V overlay on it


Adam Taylor has provided a concise introduction about PYNQ-Z2 with sufficient information in the first session and i do want to try out some simple overlay that does IO with the existing connector on the board, including

using PMOD for 485

i also find it nice that there are people who can answer the questions during the webinar although not every questions are answered. may be too many attendees to attend to


However, due to shipment delay during current lock down, i still haven't received the PYNQ-Z2, so i figure that i should prepare my other setup first.

Hence this blog is gonna be short and more about my experiment setup. Despite my earlier thought about using my ROKU as video input, i have found a spare car dashcam. it lens and lighting sensitiveness

seems reasonable for an experiment.

it has a HDMI output, although i am not sure if it is compatible with PYNQ-Z2