I've written third tutorial for PYNQ: https://rk.edu.pl/en/managing-machine-vision-project-pynq/

  • Distributing notebooks via github repositories
  • Testing within notebooks with ipytest
  • Face comparison (no accelerated)
  • Face detection meme generator
  • Comic Sans in a machine vision project!


So face detection isn't anything new:

But it's get much better if you make a meme out of it:


So let say a HDMI camera is seeing some faces, like a TV display even:

And that PYNQ-Z2 reads a frame, detects faces, draw memes, places all of them on a 1080p frame and displays it on the HDMI-out:

Now that's a proper FPGA usage case


Notebook: https://github.com/riklaunim/pynq-meme-generator