Finished writing at the end of November 2020.  The book "Vintage Upcycling With Raspberry Pi and Arduino" is now live on Amazon.

The book is available in paperback format and Kindle ebook, free for the Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


From the 1970’s design desk lamp up to the Radio Magic project series, an inspiring guide on vintage upcycling for Makers.

The projects are based on the articles published on The Shed magazine and award-winning projects from the Project14 challenges.


Prefaced by Greg Vincent, publishing editor of The Shed magazine with an introduction by Tariq Ahmad (tariq.ahmad) community manager of Project14 at, all the resources mentioned in the book, from the software sources to the 3D STL files, circuit schematics, and development strategies, are available on the projects GitHub repositories under Open Source LGPL and CC 3.0 licenses.

A book copy has already been shipped to most of the winners who participated to the Project14 "Vintage Upcycling" workshop and the remaining ones will be shipped next week. They will be notified shortly. A copy of the book will also be sent to the winners of the Recycle & Retrofit Project14 challenge recently announced (those not eligible as the mentioned workshop participants).

Radio Magic: the Book Cover Project


Want to know more about the content? Download the book preview attached to this post.