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PYNQ Workshop 2

Posted by weiwei2 Aug 2, 2020
By the time i got my board to test it is early July, so it is kind of late for the session 2, my original aim is to use does overlay on IO to control on/off of water pump to shoot water following the lab book 2 (which is also accessible from Github ) , i encounter first error at 19, which is to run the build_ip.bat in my folder, there isnn't such folder and file. puzzled, i look at the session 2 recording again, and turns out that i made a s ...
In session #1 of the workshop, i have learned a coupled of new things   -the Linux that runs on the PYNQ-Z2 is PetaLinux -we can do RISC-V overlay on it   Adam Taylor has provided a concise introduction about PYNQ-Z2 with sufficient information in the first session and i do want to try out some simple overlay that does IO with the existing connector on the board, including using PMOD for 485 i also find it nice that there are people who can answer the questions during the webinar altho ...