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This project is a microprocessor or analog signal generator controlled dual X,Y axis scanning laser.

The project is not complete yet, however it's far enough along to post some pictures.

There are two power supplies, one for the laser head (12VDC) and one for the scanning motor amplifiers (+_24VDC)


The laser power supply has a key switch for enable/disable.  Each power supply has an indicator on the front panel.

The laser module is 450nm blue with 1W output power and the scanning galvanometers have a 20K max scan frequency for ILDA use.

The laser is similar to this one:…

I purchased the laser and scanning galvo set on ebay - similar to this one:…

On the side of the enclosure I put a C-Mount lens adapter for adding special filters or lenses.

There are 4 control pots and 2 BNC connectors on the front panel, a set for each channel.

The pots will adjust frequency and amplitude for each channel, the BNCs are for analog control.

There are toggle switches for input selection.

Here's a short video of basic laser operation.  The control system is still under construction.