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Cool LED Display

2 Posts authored by: rsc
  This project was to add some night lighting to my AR-Drone quadcopter. I started with 2 strings of RadioShack TM1803 programmable RGB LEDs and an Arduino micro. The Arduino code uses this library: FastLED LED animation library for Arduino (formerly FastSPI_LED) There are 27 LEDs on each side, addressed as groups of 3.   #include "FastLED.h" // Define the array of leds CRGB ledsl[9]; CRGB ledsr[9]; void setup() { FastLED.addLeds<tm1803, 3="">(ledsl, 9);    & ...

Scanning Laser Project

Posted by rsc Nov 16, 2017
Cool LED Display Monthly project competitions, chances to earn prizes, you decide project themes, your ideas, your projects, turn ideas into projects. Back to The Project14 homepage Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll   This project is a microprocessor or analog signal generator controlled dual X,Y axis scanning laser. The project is not complete yet, however it's far enough along to post some pictures. There are two power supplies, one for the laser head (12VDC) and o ...