Peter, Jon and I are designing a programmable electronic load, here on element14: Programmable Electronic Load

We'll never make it in time for the DIY Test Equipment initiative (we may have a first prototype In the Year 2525). But it can help you if you want to build a device that can be automated with LABView or similar*.



What's in the current version:

- working firmware with a SCPI integration. Complies to SCPI standard out of box.

- tested PCB with several ADC and DAC channels, programmable and readable via SCPI - isolated and with a voltage reference

- LCD interface


Our goal is to extend Peter Oakes' popular DC Load into a programmable one. The modular design of the control logic is a start point for other designs too.

You can adapt the ADC/DAC design and control your own instrument with it. In it's current state, it can be turned into a programmable meter, signal generator, sampler.

With firmware adaption you can link the SCPI commands with your microcontroller's timers and use it as a PWM generator or a frequency counter.

With additional hardware you can buffer in-and outputs, create a programmable power supply, ...



Both PCB and firmware - although based on TI-RTOS for MSP432 and BoosterPack pinout, can be adapted. We've taken care that no license stops you from doing whatever you want and sources are attached.

Hope to see it reused in an element14 DIY Test Instrument.



* or other programs that support serial comms - even a plain terminal program like PuTTY.