I started this post as a Wifi Analyzer... but the more I got into it the more it became a complete handheld network analyzer for wireless as well as wired for performing basic network functions such as speed tests and pings, on up to measuring signal strength and identifying noise.


Here are the requirements:


  • Small form factor (hand held) not much larger than your palm (5 in. screen range), I'm thinking a strap across the back side of your hand
  • 4 hour minimum rechargeable battery
  • Touch screen
  • measure dBm/SnR and log/graph over time appropriately
  • function for measuring attenuation
  • Channel identification
  • Googleing I found a couple of build guides for more inspiration - A complete network analysis tool for the Pi (NetPi) and a spectrum analyzer from Adafruit
  • It would also be cool to bring in a floor plan and plot your measurements on the floor plan as a baseline for future testing
  • Need access to wired NIC for using network analysis tools from data-center or data closets



Sounds like a Pi 3 (how to handle 5Ghz? usb wifi dongle? need external antenna? gig Ethernet NIC dongle? maybe someone knows of a better solution than the Pi?) and a 5 in touch screen, a touch interface GUI as launcher for multiple software packages, LiPo or Li-Ion and charging circuit, 3d printed ergo palm enclosure (see into my brain below). 


What you think? Suggestions, ways to expand?

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