U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Mike Chandler, 142nd Maintenance

Squadron out of the Portland Air National Guard, displays his avionics

Electronics Systems Test Station (ESTS) cable tester that he designed.

Photo by: Airman First Class Andrew Kobialka

Ok, So here we are again I am currently getting the hardware together. I am working in KICad to generate my schematic, most of the time I do one-sheet wonders, but this consists of 6 pages in a hierarchical order.

  1. Base Sheet
  2. Interface 'A'
  3. Interface 'B'
  4. Arduino Mega Header Pins
  5. Power
  6. Display and Control

Getting used to the quirks of the hierarchical sheets was a lot of fun, so in this spirit, I will show you what I call "Interface.2" or B. please take note that Interface.1 is the same thing.

The is a 7th sheet which is the dual RJ-45 connectors. I will be able to test both cross-over cables. One more note: The labels for the most part are considered global, that is they can be referenced on any sheet.