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Here is more a tutorial to make a battery i remember when i was young to have made one of this have a look at the link, it's not mine (wiki source) but i know how to make it!   Here is shown how Elettrolisis works it's in Italian i'm sorry (not my source):   Ciao   Toolkitman ...

Cigarette computer

Posted by toolkitman Feb 23, 2019
I was thinking after seeing the size of the Raspberry Pi Zero to how the measures will be the next two generations of desktop computers. I guess they will not be wider than a cigarette and you will come to the suppression of the USB ports and HDMI and SD CARD using the bluetooth and wifi, POWER SUPPLY will be replaced by a small battery or solar cell. In practical technology we will have a big computer as a next-generation microprocessor. It will be wearable100 per cent but being very careful to ...

Wireless HDMI Solution

Posted by toolkitman Feb 23, 2019
Dear Element14, Mine more than a project is an idea on how to make work a modern computer with HDMI to a HDMI monitor or tv with a wirless connection, i know there is wirless for wifi router bluetooth for devices but none until now have look inside the hdmi connection to make it wirelessly. It all stay in find the right frequency and make one emitter for the computer and one recevier for the tv or monitor. It can be possible also to add to the emitter a switch to select more receiver so you c ...

Smarthab: Door Locks

Posted by phoenixcomm Top Member Feb 22, 2019
I use an electric door strike, on Smarthab, it is relay controlled via 24VAC from the room controller. The room controller is a TI C3200 LaunchPad, this gives me ethernet access so there is no money wasted. The room controller talks to an external keypad with an RFID receiver installed as well. This can be coupled to the room controller for simplicity or directly controlled with an Arduino which would communicate to the room controller via RS-485. The decision to open the door or not is handle ...
Electromagnetism Enter Your Electronics & Design Project for a chance to win a $100 Shopping Cart! Back to The Project14 homepage Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll   [The snake game works!!! Jump to the bottom of the post to see it in action!]   I’ve been captivated by magnetism, as I suspect many are, for a long time. My discovery of core memory at the Computer History museum in Mountain View, CA triggered the idea to create a core memory module that ...