Having created the prototype one string electric guitar body and pickup I wanted to be able to hear the sounds it makes. I don't have a guitar amplifier so I decided to use an ordinary music amplifier instead but this needs a pre-amp to make it work. There didn't seem to be any such thing as a guitar pre-amplifier, all I could find were expensive foot pedal pre-amplifiers which were not for me. Then I stumbled across electric guitar headphone amplifiers, which do exactly what I wanted, so I purchased a low cost one. This seems to do everything I need and is rechargeable.



I made some tempororary connections used crocodile clips and 4 mm leads and I was able to obtain some sounds from my music amplifier. once everything was plugged in. Unfortunately I didn't make a video of that part working as it wasn't that loud so I was going to try repositioning the string closer to the pickup. Then life intervened and I forgot. When I returned to the one stringed electric guitar as I thought everything was working I decided it was time to start making a better guitar body. When I started I indicated that I wanted to make something that looked good (or at least as good as I could make it) as well as working. So I have now stripped away all the parts from the plank of wood I have been using and stuck together some additional bits of wood to make something that looks a bit more like a guitar. So at the moment I cannot show any actual audio from the amplifier.



Once the glue has set on the 'fins' I will be able to fill in the large holes and imperfections and then sand down, paint and varnish. I am hoping that it will actually look something like a real guitar. I haven't really altered the main plank which formed the structure for the working prototype so I am fairly confident that it will or should go back together without too much bother and then I can record some audio.