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Tragedy struck yesterday as I started on the design of the 3D parts for the ARBot, for some reason my 3D printer (an UP Mini 2) just decided it didn't want to talk to my laptop anymore. There doesn't seem to be any reason as far as I can tell, the laptop just doesn't have a driver for the USB connection anymore. I tried all the easy options: turn on/off, unplug/plug. load new device drivers (it wouldn't let me), delete the existing software, loaded a new version of the software(but it wouldn't let me), eventually I had to resort to contacting the manufacturer.


Anyway, this means no 3D printed parts for my ARBot. So no sleek, streamlined, well designed parts for everyone to ooh and aah over. I did think of just giving up - I'm retired, so I don't have to do anything now, but instead I just went into the garden for a bit - now I cannot find my secutars - what is happening to me! So this morning I just decided I would have to go the old fashioned way and knock things together out of bits of wood, plastic and glue, like I used to.


Without the 3D printed parts I will not be able to make a two-axis scanner in time before the deadline, so I have decided just to go with the one axis scan I already have. All I will have to do is to re-assemble the mobile robot and hope it still works. For the sensor I have just stuck everything together with BlueTac, some pillars and screws, and then fixed the whole lot to the VR Goggles top head strap with some plastic ties. It doesn't look good and I will not be able to move my head rapidly or it will fall off, but it does work.


Assembled AR Headset



I tried a selfie video of myself wearing the AR Goggles but failed as you really cannot see the outside world when wearing them, so I propped it up and moved it about manually, see the video below. There is still some problem with the calibration of the sensor - North seems to be gradually moving anti-clockwise.



It seems to be mostly working. The next step will be to remake the mobile robot carrying the PixyCam, build the Lego environment for it to move about it and see if I can get both bits to work together, all before Monday's deadline. As they used to say on ThunderBirds "Anything is possible in the next 24 hours".