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Meet Fancy Eye with Machine Vision



Fancy Eye is a roving robot with the Maix Go Board for Machine Vision.  I brushed off my Gertbot and attached it to a Raspberry Pi 3. You can download the software for the Gertbot here. You have to enable UART. Because I am using the Raspberry Pi 3, I used

this as instructions.







Software can be uploaded to the Maix Go using Arduino ! I had a version already loaded but it did not work. I downloaded the Windows Store version using this link .


I found steps to add the Maix Boards to the IDE. The steps are well written and easy to follow. The steps can be found here.

The next step is to set up mobile net on a SD card.

Download model here: *  http://dl.sipeed.com/MAIX/MaixPy/model/mobilenet_0x300000.kfpkg * Unpack it(zip format), get m.kmodel, change name to a short name "m" for example, * put it in SD card at root path

Place  the SD card and reboot.