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The animatronic Tiki uses a PIR motion sensor to trigger a entertaining show by the talking Tiki twins.

It is Arts & Crafts project on steroids with an electronics driven personality.


An Arduino Mega drives the 3 servos, relays, LEDs, LCD message board, and WTV020 sound module for your Polynesian pleasure, of moving eyes, telling jokes, and playing music & sound bytes from 45 seconds to 3 minutes in length.There are 20+ programmed routines, and enough tracks to last 24 hours without a repeat.



Photos of the project's front, back, and inside electronics are shown. The bones are real LCD message board displays all kinds of tips for dealing with Tikis.


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Videos of the Tiki centerpiece can be seen here:


The Tiki 's Introduce themselves and their short story





The Animatronic Wake Up (power on) Routine



buried in the animation, notice each IO point gets turned on sequentially for diagnostic purposes


A video of some of Ku's humor telling bad jokes





detailed videos of Tiki twins under construction, and component details: