Fighting Germs

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So I came up with this idea to build something that would allow me to disinfect my shoes and my electric scooter before entering my apartment. I am building a chlorine pump that has a pot for liquid flow. A 5 liter 5% chlorine solution inside has a tube in it with a 5V water pump and an on/off switch. The tube goes outside through a hole above the door entrance and down the wall to the front door where a box with an on/off potentiometer and a deep tray allows you to wash non-organic stuff with disinfectant.It has an ESP32-CAM webcam inside that allows me to watch what the person outside is doing.

A 10cm by 6cm plastic enclosure holds a motor speed regulator that regulates the flow. A flexible plastic tube goes in.

A plastic tray outside, under the black box, gathers the solution that pours through the tube.

This wooden stand will be mounted on the wall and give the plastic tray a place to sit in at hand level.

The black box lid is mounted on the outside wall with screws.

Thin electric cables for the motor speed regulator run along the plastic tube.

Motor speed regulator, pot knob, enclosures, water pump and switch.

Tubing goes outside through the wall.

Trying to fit the ESP32 CAM in the box along with a step-down converter and the motor speed regulator:

Day two: I dont want to stay outside more than I need to but I've managed to install everythin needed outside my door and make the wire connections. Had to drop the WiFi cam because I already have a webcam pointed in that direction and the ESP32-CAM I had would not fit in the plastic box alongside the volume calibrator.

This simple On/Off switch will power the circuit from the inside:

I've installed everything needed outside my door in my appartment building. If the switch inside powers the circuit then the yellow pot can act as a secondry switch allowing to complete the circuit once activated then it will slowly more and more liquid into the tray until turned off. The more you turn the knob, the faster the water pump will pump liquid up the tube from a 5 liter plastic bottle. I need to put a brush in front of the tray. The tray can be taken down and put on the floor to better scrub shoes and the wheels of my electric scooter.

Day #3: I don't go out much so working on the outside-the-door part of the project depends on the times I am forced to dress up and go buy food and whatnot. It then takes a while to carefully take my surgical gloves off, discard of them properly, disinfect my hands and face, take down my FFP2 N95 mask and disinfect that too, place my clothes in a safe place then wash my hands and face again for about two minutes. It's like a ritual. But on the inside part of the project I used two screws to fit the inner control box on the wall and glued the edges so it won't move. Will have to do that for the outside box too these days. There's a 5 liter 5% Chlorine solution beneath it and the 5V water pump is inside.

If you're wondering what's with the thick white line - that's where the thin power cables go. They're underneath it. So I won't have to drag them across the top part of the walls.

Power is delivered via a 12V to 5V and 3.3V converter that also has an On/Off switch. I've used hot glue to secure the contacts in it.

Will test it tomorrow if I have to go out.