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3D Printed Design

3D Printed Design



My Self Javed Akhtar Barbhuiya, I am a B.Tech 3rd year Student from Department of Agricultural Engineering, Assam University Silchar, India.

my team have develop a design Smart_Hand_Sensitize which can be used in hospital for doctors and supporting staff.

I am continuously working from past 6 days in my home to develop a prototype I have completed 80% of work utilizing resources whatever I am having in my home.

But not able to proceed further as I need a small device as there is complete lock-down  I will not able to get it.

I have still  tried to built from braking my INK Jet Printer but this was not efficient.


So I have decided to contribute my Idea so that at least  I can contribute a small help to our doctors who are working day and night to save the life of common peoples .



Touch less hand sanitizer - [ IR Sensor and Arduino Nano]

It is a smart device having inbuilt sensor and a smart micro-controller unit, which can detect hand and spray saintizer on hand without any contact with the bottles so that no further virus can be transmitted.


Thank You.