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This a demo of a UV LED Sterilization Lamp. The purpose of this device is for safe storage of PPE or other items. With shortages of PPE, it is imperative that we develop means for safe and sterile reuse of what is available.

*Warning!! UVC Wavelength Light is recommended!!


*This project is a FAIL! Do not use UV/UVA 400nm LEDs!!


*UV/UVA wavelength not effective at sterilization of viruses. Only use exact recommended UVC Wavelength!!!



UVA/UV 400nm LEDs have been soldered to an Adafruit Perma-Proto Breadboard. There's a 100 ohm resistor connected to each LED ground. Power is supplied by a 5V 2A power supply with a barrel- type plug. This circuit is based from a tutorial provided by Adafruit and written by Becky Stern.


The temporary enclosure was made from foam board and duck  tape.

Please remember that UVC Wavelength is recommended. This project is only a demo.