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Unfortunately, contact through door handles is one way of exchanging viruses and other pathogens. Since replacing all door handles with electronic non-contact devices is not realistic, it is suggested to minimize the contact between the hand and the door handle.


To do this, it is proposed to replace the locking mechanism of the locking latch with a cross-wedge, for example, such as in the attached drawing. Then the lock will open from a simple front push on the handle on one side and a simple pull on the opposite side. This will make it possible to make a handle in the form of an arc of stainless steel or other nickel-plated wire with a diameter of about 5 mm, and to carry out all manipulations on opening and closing of doors with only one finger. If necessary, the finger can be wrapped with a disposable cloth or napkin, which already minimizes the very possibility of contact with a possibly contagious substances left on it, such as sweat, which may contain viruses or other microorganisms.


The shape of the handle in the form of a half circle or an ellipse with no sharp edges, and if desired, a different simple geometric shape, makes the handle safe not only when opening and closing, but also with any unintended contact with it.



And of course, the handle of nickel-plated wire or monolithic stainless steel can be disinfected by any powerful chemicals or alternative means (UV or Infra-red light, ozone, ets) as often as deemed necessary with no negative effect on the material.