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Posted by rsc Apr 29, 2020
Fighting Germs Enter Your Project for a Chance to Win a Thermal Imaging Camera, Germicidal UV Lamp, and a Shopping Cart with Matching Charity Donation! Submit an EntrySubmit an Entry  Back to homepage Project14 Home Monthly Themes Monthly Theme Poll   This project is called "Electrically Erased Virus Protection" It has been proven that most germs can be killed with UVC radiation. The following link is to information regarding "Effectiveness of UVC Light to Mitigate Coronavirus (CO ...

Smart Hospital

Posted by moi8765 Apr 29, 2020
IOT connected hospital     AIM To keep doctors and nurses attending to corona victims safe and reduce their workload     IDEA To attend to corona patients for even trivial tasks like providing them medicine or checking their temperature, doctors and nurses put themselves at great risk to attend to them. To prevent this, I propose a ground robot capable of locomotion inside a hospital environment and attending to patients and fulfilling some basic needs and even raising an ...