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This project is called "Electrically Erased Virus Protection"

It has been proven that most germs can be killed with UVC radiation.

The following link is to information regarding "Effectiveness of UVC Light to Mitigate Coronavirus (COVID-19)"

There is a problem with the re-use of disposable face masks in the midst of the current pandemic, this project is

one solution to allow re-use of the face masks by disinfection using UVC radiation.  From what I've been able to find out,

the fabric will degrade over time using this method, although it's dependent on the type of fabric and length of exposure.

Some people have also used UVC light to disinfect food items also, I'm not sure how to test for the quality of disinfection.

Some EPROM erasers use a G4T5 4W 254nm UVC lamp.  I had a couple in my stash, so I decided to try this out.

There are risks using UVC however,

*** WARNING *** "...even brief exposure to UV-C light can cause burns and eye damage"

When working with lasers and other high power light sources, I use safety glasses with high optical density.

These are from Cascade Laser Corp model LSEG-YAGD

The OD = 5+ with these glasses at 254nm which equals an attenuation factor of 100,000

1) First find an old UV EPROM eraser.

2) Remove the IC tray to expose the UVC lamp.  Make sure to first unplug the device and don't get oil

on the lamp by touching it.

3) Find a large black box and cut out a hole and attach the lamp.

4) Insert mask or ??? in the box to be disinfected.

5) Irradiate for 10-30 seconds or CDC recommendation (>600 µJ/cm2),

then flip the mask over and irradiate the other side.

*** WARNING  ***  Do Not Look Into Lamp *** Skin and Eye Damage Will Occur ***