Hi All,

Here is my project; Autonomous floor disinfector in the house which can wake you up by ramming into your bedroom door. It's been a bit rough since the restrictions of UVC LED components has been enforced by most of the countries. So for the time being, I may end up using UVA or UVB LEDs, but hey, since they are swappable, I will just keep punching through.

Below I shared a work in progress from my Kicad, I recently learned how to use it thanks to Shawn from Digikey for the lovely video tutorial he introduced. I've designed my first custom PCB


So I've ordered the following PCB card to plug my IR LASER DUST SENSOR, that counts 0 to 10-micron particles on the air, and since Covid-19 is roughly a 3-micron particle, I will attempt to use the UVC light to clean the floors and will create some fan and filtering system to trap the dust particles.

We will have multiple shield modules on top of my STM F756ZG. One to drive the stepper motors for mobility, one to drive the LEDs, one for my NRF24 and Sensors which is below :), and battery management as the last part of the puzzle.


Keep following, and don't autoroute.