Fighting Germs

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1 Problem to solve

1.1 During this special period, more requirements shall be met at home. At least, the following three concerns most,

  • Review of update of the Covid-19 cases
  • Touchless Hand santilization when returns home
  • Clean the room or cloth with UVC lamp

This smart home design use one Center controller to accomplish these functions as the cover Gif animation show.

It is generated with TouchGFX simulation tools.


2 Component to be used

2.1 The STM32F7 discovery kit .

The 32F769IDISCOVERY Discovery kit is a complete demonstration and development platform for STMicroelectronics Arm® Cortex®-M7 core-based MCU. It features four I2Cs, six SPIs with three multiplexed simplex I2S, 2xSDMMC, four USARTs, four UARTs, three CAN buses, three 12-bit ADCs, two 12-bit DACs, two SAIs, 8- to 14-bit digital camera module interface, internal 512+4-Kbyte SRAM and 2-Mbyte Flash memory, USB HS OTG and USB FS OTG, Ethernet MAC, FMC interface, Quad-SPI interface and SWD debugging support.

2.2 UVC lamp for germ cleaning

2.3 Automatic 70% acohol instance sprayer

2.4 TouchGFX designer & STM CubeMx & CMSIS Devices Driver

3 Program Flow

3.1 The Startup screen shows after BOR

3.2 The dashboard shows with three function selections

3.3 The covid case screen fetch cloud data , the Hand Santilizer Screen control H. santilizer on-off and RoomUVC screen control UV lamp on-off with timable relay.

4 GUI with TouchGFX

4.1  Create the GUI design with touchGFX.

Assign project name of Fighting_germ_at_home

Select STM32768 Disc as hardware platform,

The empty UI appears,

Create screens one by one with widget on the left panel.

The DashBoard screen,


The covid cases screen, since there are overlaps , the demo show empty in the image part, I shall correct it later.

4.2 Generate Code for STM CubeIDE

Press generate code button, for the following Cube project be generated. Import the code and build it successfully, as blow screenshot reveals.


5 Hardware Porting with CubeMX

5.1 Select cubeMX project generated with this Chip-pins configurated in UI interface below,

Here is the configuration  pin Map.

5.2 Generate Code again for new project code. Reload the design file above in CubeIDE, build the project and flash the code into the STM32F769 Disc Dev Board. The simlilar UI is show one the hardware again.


6 Next Codes and Components of Fighting_germ_at_home

Go go next step, fine tunning of the code and run the peripherals.