Fighting Germs

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My entry for fighting germs. A self cleaning, easy disinfect mask based around element 29, complete with some Bob Ross crafting. I attempt to airbrush metal powder in the video below and explain some of the more important reasons for why the mask is made the way it is.


The mask is coated with electrolytic copper & features a copper filter mesh as it has been demonstrated that corona is made none viable significantly faster when in contact with copper.


Bottling plants can produce literally millions of two litre bottles per day and the copper can be applied as an extremely thin coating, either by spraying, dipping into fluid beds, plating, sputtering or physical vapour deposition.


PPE shortages have been a major issue. Such a mask would be reusable and could even be recycled if need be by recovering the copper from the surface.


It also looks kind of cool!

Self cleaning mask


Surface stability of virus