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Just finished rebuilding the Pong game.


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Started by de-wiring all of the switches.


Next I found a couple of proto PCBs of the right size and I printed a mounting plate to attach them.


Needed to replace the paddle controllers (1Mohm linear potentiometers) so I printed cases for them.


Made a template so that I would remember what the switches were for.

Then proceeded to wire the PCBs.


And wire the switches - turned out to be quite a mess - but I can actually disconnect the PCBs if I need to.


Since I reused the old case and didn't have a good way to label the faceplate, I made a valiant attempt with my label maker.....  function before beauty.


And a video of it in action.


No rousing gameplay as I needed to play against myself using both paddles due to the pandemic (my wife doesn't play video games).  It seems my reaction time and hand-eye co-ordination aren't so good after a large glass of red wine .



Plays the way I remember it.  You can put body english on the ball in the enhanced ball angle mode.  Soccer is tricky because the goalie and forward are controlled with the same paddle.

I think the 23" TV is just the right size for the game.  Not sure if it would play well on a bigger screen.  23" was considered large back in those days.


I'll need to add a light sensor and trigger circuit if I want to play the rifle games.  I didn't implement that before so I'll also need to add a stereo jack for connection.  Something for another day.


It was fun getting it to work again.  Maybe when times get better I can have friends over for beer and pong......