I am a 3rd year computer and electronics engineering student, single father of 2 boys so needless too say money is tight. One of the main ways I keep my head above water is phone/device , laptop and pc repair work. So over time I have accumulated my share of old iPhones and iPads, I guess this is 2 ideas and I may just give both a shot. Now being that I am a Student, Maker, Dad, Adult (with bills ), Movie buff, Music junkie and Avid gamer,  needless to say my data storage needs are immense  and this  lead me to the idea of turning a old 256gb iPhone into a hard drive . Now I know I am most likely not the first to do this but given all my old and locked iPhones I have around my bench . The same excess of devices alongside my love for music and the audio equipment that comes along with, lead me to my 2nd idea. With traditional car head units slowly fading out and media centers on the rise in car audio applications. What better use for my $400 retired but still fully capable 2nd gen iPad a 10+ inch floating media center, for my 2500 watts of a booming car audio system. I plan to use my newly made iiphone7/256gb hard drive for additional media storage !!! Not sure I will get this done by the deadline but I'm  giving it my best   hardwarehackingch




  P.S More pic/vids and step by step journaling coming soon thanks